Frequently Asked Questions


How many edited images will I receive? Will i get the unedited ones?

I do not limit the amount of images I provide my clients because I believe it is a way I can best serve them. However I also do not guarantee a certain amount. On average you can expect to receive 20-35 for a Mini Session, 50-100 for a Full Session and 75- 100+ for an Engagement Session. Weddings average around 75-100 images per hour. I do not deliver unedited images nor allow clients to make changes to their images. 

What's your turn around time look like?

Sessions: 2-4 weeks
Weddings: 6-9 weeks

Can we share or print the photos?

Yes! You may share your images online as long as you give me (Kay Mae Photography) credit as the photographer. From your personalized online gallery you will be able to favorite, download, share and order prints straight from there. 

Who owns the right to the images?

The rights remain to me, Kaylee Caraway as the Photographer. You do however have the rights to share on social media and print as many as you wish for personal use only. 

Why is a 50% initial payment required in order to book?

The initial payment is a Date Reservation Fee. Upon receipt, I will reserve the time agreed upon for the Event Date and will not make another reservation for the agreed upon time. For this reason, the initial payment is non-refundable.