The Hawes | Chamber's Bay Family Session | Tacoma Family Photographer

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The Hawes | Chamber's Bay Family Session | Tacoma Family Photographer

Chamber’s Bay in University Place, Washington has been a huge hit this year for Family sessions. To be completely honest, I’m not complaining one bit - I mean look at how gorgeous it is! Don’t even get me started on the beautiful golden light that always comes pouring through on a sunny day!

Something that blows my mind even more than the beautiful scenery is the wonderful human beings I am so blessed to be able to meet while doing what I do. Especially being a military wife, living near a military town…you can only imagine the beautiful souls that end up in front of my camera. All so very unique and each from different walks of life. It is truly amazing and humbling all at the same time to be the one to freeze their time here. No matter how long or short it may be.

The Hawes family was no exception. Chatting over email with Kayla, I knew she was going to be a sweetheart. What I didn’t know (and couldn’t tell) through the writing on the screen, was how stinking cute her southern accent would be! I mean, I’m just saying…. if I could pick any accent in the world to have… I think I’d choose hers! HAHA! No but seriously, she, along with her gorgeous family were so much fun to get to know and to capture.

Their bond was so special and it was such an honor to be the one to capture it! Welcome to the PNW guys! I cannot wait to watch you guys grow!