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Sarah + Brad | Chamber's Bay Engagement Session | Washington Wedding Photographer

This Chamber’s Bay Engagement Session in Washington was a blast! I remember thinking to myself that there was super special about Sarah and Brad the first time I met them over FaceTime for their wedding consultation,  (besides the obvious....them being one of the cutest couples ever!) but I just couldn't pin point what it was until recently. And now I think I know what it is... No matter how many…

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Daovy + Alex | Trap Creek Engagement Session | Washington Wedding Photographer

This Washington Engagement Session was SO MUCH FUN! Standing in a huge rock pile, her feet stood firm. Her voice more certain than ever. Not a doubt in her mind. "No I'll be fine!" she affirmed as she jumped onto Alex's back and a roar of laughter filled Trap Creek in Raymond, Washington. It was then she realized…

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Nicole + Paul | Tyee Yacht Club Wedding | Washington Wedding Photographer

These two love birds decided to "tyee the knot" this last summer at Tyee Yacht Club in Seattle, Washington... (see what I did there? hehe) And let me tell you...

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