Happy Anniversary, My Love!

To My Love, 

As I sit down to write this, I am flooded with memories we've shared. Some going all the way back to the night you walked into my life on September 9th, 2012. Man, I remember that night like it was just yesterday. I mean, how could I forget?! After all, it was the same night I fell in love with you. I remember just standing back in awe, watching you introduce yourself to my Grandma and even though I may not have known how to pronounce your name right away.... I knew in that moment, I had found the one my soul would love forever.

Fast forward over five and a half years and we are celebrating our 4th Wedding Anniversary. Can you believe it? I sure can't! When I close my eyes right now, it feels as if we are still the happy go-lucky college athletes running around town trying to spend as much time as we could together. Our biggest worry back then used to be when we could go back to Disneyland again & now we are full blown adults with a 2 year old son and real life responsibilities. Oh baby, we have come so far! 

I look at our life now and I can't help but think of how blessed we are. How grateful I am that God shaped and molded us both so we could fit perfectly together. Seriously, how amazing is He?  If it wasn't for Him... I truly don't think we would be where we are right now. Wouldn't you agree? I mean... it really did take seeing you SO on fire for Him that night in September that made me fall more in love with you. Since then, we have constantly relied on His strength and guidance in our lives and I wouldn't have it any other way. There is no telling where we would be if we didn't have Him in the middle of our marriage. Especially on our worst days. So as I am forever grateful for all that He is, I am also grateful for the man he has designed you to be.

I am so lucky to have a husband who would do anything for his family. And I mean ANYTHING! Including going to work everyday so that I can stay home and raise our kids, while running my photography business. You always put us first, no matter what. Always giving me your unconditional love and support in every area, especially doing everything you can so that I can constantly chase my dream. And even though this life isn't always easy and we often find ourselves getting lost in the stresses of everyday life... there isn't anyone else in this whole world who I would want standing by my side for the rest of my life.

Happy Anniversary, my love! I cannot wait to see what else God has in store for us in the many years to come. 

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.


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